A serious game to provide data protection and security training for employees.

Your company depends on data-driven innovation. Should you invest solely in algorithms and data? Or should you spend your limited resources on data protection and security measures too? Which protection measures should you focus on to make sure that hacks and fines don’t wipe out your profits? In the serious game Admins & Hackers, you get together with other would-be admins and compete to create the most successful company in a data-driven economy. But you are under attack: technical problems, hackers, privacy activists and the mighty data protection authority may make your life miserable, drain your resources and destroy your reputation. Without proper security and data protection mechanisms in place, your business will be easy prey. Your challenge is to assess the risks in a complex situation, balance competing requirements and choose a way that allows you to reap the benefits of the wealth of the available data and innovative algorithms while still complying with the law and protecting the rights of the data subjects.

  • Conceptual support
  • Graphic design cards and board