Zahnärztin Anne Schulz-Lüdeke

The complete branding of a dentist located in Uelzen.

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Larissa Wunderlich unites conceptual thinking and visual implementation. She brings expertise in design, communications, media, tech, and event management.

A graduate of Bauhaus University Weimar, she has worked simultaneously in knowledge transfer and visual communication in academia and as a freelance designer and strategist on various artistic, educational and cultural projects for many years. She focuses on generative design solutions, media in educational and social context, and media art in relation to science and research. Larissa’s interdisciplinary background enables her to view projects from multiple perspectives, and quickly grasp and layout a conceptual framework to build good design on.

Lena Wandinger Photography

Classic and simple – yet outstanding: the new design for the Munich based photographer Lena Wandinger.

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arrondissement Aq1

“The look of premium label arrondissement Aq1 is a mix of Casual, Evening, graphic straightness and special details. After a creative break, the Designer is back with fresh and new Designs.”

Alongside with this shift of concept, the website design was given a general overhaul adapting to the “more tender and feminine impression”.

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PANKE music • art • café

PANKE supports edgy creativity that happens away from mainstream culture. Continue Reading →

Zahnarztpraxis Catharinenlehn

The complete branding of a dentist located close to the North Sea.

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